1.Select MY.YÔ SHOP or MY.YÔ SHOP KIDS depending on the item you want to buy.

2. Select the item and size you want; we advise you to consult the MY.YÔ Size Guide.

3.Click on “Add” so that the piece you have chosen, is added to your shopping cart.

4.You can continue to consult or choose more items. Once you have added all the MY.YO´s parts that you want to buy, consult the shopping cart. (Upper right screen on the main page).

5.Now, all you must do is fill in the necessary fields and proceed with the payment.

It is not necessary to be registered on the MY.YÔ page to complete your purchase, but we advise you to do so that in a future purchase you do not have to enter your data again.

After making the payment through PayPal, Visa or Mastercard, delivery will be made to the address you select according to the MY.YÔ shipping conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


All orders are shipped from MY.YÔ headquarters in Porto-Portugal.

NACIONAL Transport is provided by CTT EXPRESS, orders are delivered between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm on working days and may take 2-3  working days to be delivered after purchase, to mainland and 5-7 working days to island territory.

After confirming and sending your MY.YÔ items, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number so you can track your order trough. in case of nacional purchases ,

The international order can be tracked trough the number provided by the express mail service used.

National & International  delivers


Portugal (continental) & Espanha   


 2-3 working days

Açores & Madeira 


  5-7 working days

EUA & Brasil  


  5-14 working days

EU ( zone 1 )


  5-7 working days

EU ( zone 2 )


  5-7 working days

EU ( zone 3 )


  5-14 working days




EU ( zone 1 ) - UK, France, Italy, German, Belgium, Luxembourg, Deutchland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden ,Greece  & Iceland                                                                

EU ( zone 2 ) -Swisserland, Poland ; Bulgaria; Hungry, Slovenia ,Slovakia, Croatia , Lithuania, Latvia                                    

EU ( zone 3 ) rest of Europe   


if you want to purchase for another country that is not in the list please send us an email 


* MY.YÔ is not responsible for additional fees applied to the order if it is applied upon arrival in your country

*The shipping fees applied include up to 2-3kg, if the order exceeds this weight, the respective adjustments will be made.

*Dispatch fees for non-described countries send us an email to


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