PÉ DE GALO .olive black

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Pé de Galo is the name of this overalls, due to the similarity of the design on the back with a Y. Come from a variation of our Pé de Galinha overalls, this model tends to be high waisted ,due to the cut of the sides .     

Very versatile in use and comfortable, in 100% denim cotton fabric with retrodye washing finish.

With clean lines, sewing in the center, this model of dungarees exhibit the elegance of the female body. It has pockets on the front and back, side opening with invisible springs button and rubber label (MYYÔ) on the shoulder straps.

The hems of this garment has an applied welt of Vichy fabric as a decorative border (black and white).

The metallic accessories are nickel-free and do not cause a reaction in contact with the skin.

Our overalls are entirely manufactured in Portugal, we make small productions and guarantee a quality product.

composition: 100% cotton