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Pisa.Pisa Pés is the name of this model of overalls, it is a game played with children or grown up, and the main purpose is moving your body try to prevent the others to step on your toes. It´s all about movement and lift your feet from the ground!

Just like the game our overalls are made to move.

Very versatile in use and comfortable, in 100% twill cotton with a purple dyed  finish.

With a seam in the center in a horizontal position, this  overalls are high waisted ,strait and liny.

It has pockets on the back and a outseam that goes up to the neck and simulates a longer body

The metallic accessories  are nickel-free and do not cause a reaction in contact with the skin.

Our overalls are entirely manufactured in Portugal, we make small productions and guarantee a quality product.

composition: 100% cotton